The Warrior Code(aka:Rules of the Forum)

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The Warrior Code(aka:Rules of the Forum)

Post by Icewing on Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:07 pm

Yes, I know, no one like rules, but they are what keeps the forum from falling apart, and it keeps the forum safe, fun and enjoyable.

Basic Forum Rules
1. We're all Human, so be respectful of your fellow user.
2. No Bigotry, Racism, or Sexism.
3. No Flaming. We all make mistakes, learn from them and forgive those who make them.
4. No Political, Religious, or other sensitive topics Allowed.EXCEPTION: Debate Club
5. Do Not Use Chat Speak. Use your best English. Not everyone here may speak English all that well.
6. No typing in all caps. Its the Internet version of Yelling, so please use your indoor voice.
7. Keep it PG13. This is a family site, our language and topics should reflect this.
8. Do NOT post or message Personal Information. EXCEPTION: Interests, country/state.
9. No Spamming. One word posts are NOT okay. If your going to post, contribute to the conversation. Also repeatedly posting the same thing over and over again, in different topics is spamming.
10. No Double Posting/BUMPing. Double posting is as follows: Posting a second post with in 24 hours of your previous post, WITHOUT having had someone else post after your first post. Why is this a bad thing? Because you can edit ALL of your previous posts. So do the mods a favor, and just put what your gonna say in your previous post.
11. Thou shalt not preform necromancy. This is the same as bumping, leave old topics alone. Old is defined as over 3 months since last post.
12. No Backseat Modding. If your not a mod do NOT act like one. You may point out rules a user may have broken, but not out right tell them they have broken a rule. I think you may have just broken a rule there, NOT you just double posted, don't do that!
13. The Moderation Team is NOT your personal army. If you request someone to be warned/banned/deleted YOU will receive that punishment. Your opinion is welcome, but telling us how to do our jobs is rude. You can tell us your opinion by saying 'I think that maybe [user] so and so should be [warned/banned/deleted] for [reason].'
14. And Lastly, Have Fun! That IS what we are here for after all!

Rules In-Post Images
1. Individual Images should not be larger then 650 wide by 650 tall.
2. Individual Images should not be larger then 256kb in size.
3. Groups of Images should not be Larger then 512kb in size.
4. Topics containing more then 5 Images, or that exceed any of these limits MUST be marked as [Image Heavy] in there title.

Rules for Avatars
1. All avatars must be no larger then 80x80p.
2. Uploaded avatars must be no larger then 15kb size.
3. Off site avatars can be any any size(KB).

Rules for Signatures
1. Signatures are must be 1000 characters OR less.
2. Signatures should be no more then 5 Lines of text.
3. Signatures should be no larger then 128kb in size
4. Signatures should be about 100 pixels tall, but no more then 150 pixels tall.
5. Signature should be about 450 pixels wide, but no more then 500 pixels wide.
6. Signatures MUST contain no more then 5 100x100p static images, nor should this grouping exceed the 128kb size limit.
7. Signatures MUST contain no more then 2 100x100 animated images, nor should this grouping exceed the 128kb size limit.

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