Ranks and Moderation

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Ranks and Moderation

Post by Icewing on Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:52 pm

This is a little Ranking breakdown for anyone who wants to know.

Moderation Team Ranks:
Mini-Mods - Selective forum mods
These guys and gals have limited power, but they are who you should go to first if you have a problem here in the forums. The take care of the following areas:

  • Welcome!
  • Online
  • Suggestions
  • Games
  • Polls
  • Test

Moderators - Global mods
Moderators are here to help you they have nearly unlimited power. They can help you with problems any where on the forums and if some one is harassing you on the forum, these will be the people who will deal with it. These are also the people who help make decisions about the forum and can give official warnings if you act a fool. Don't know who's who? Mods is the usergroup you'll want to see.

Administrator - Genies of the Forum
What do we do? Just about everything! We do the same things as the mods, but we also are in charge of adding/removing groups, warnings and banning, and making sure the forum doesn't fall apart. There is no list of us, because there is really no reason to talk directly to an Admin about problems. 9 times out of 10 a mod or mini-mod can take care of your problem, and if they can't they will tell one of us.

Normal User Ranks:
Kit - 1 post
Basically a newbie, just introducing them self to the forum.

Apprentice - 50 posts
A user who has learned some of the ropes, and is well on there way.

Warrior - 100 posts
Our standard user, sure they may have made a mistake now and then, but they've toughed it out.

Helper - Former Minis/Mods/Admins
You where a mini, mod, or admin, but something may have come up, or you decided to devote yourself to being on the forum. Either way, your always welcome back and we will miss you.

Rank Removed - This rank is used when mods feel that members are making posts just to move up in rank (spamming). Giving someone this rank is at mods discretion and NOT open to dispute.

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